Finance Dictionary : Projection


Explore the significance of Projection in financial planning and decision-making, often referred to as Forecast, offering insights into future financial performance.



Projection – An Overview of Financial Forecasting


A projection, often used interchangeably with the term forecast, is a financial estimation of future performance based on historical data and current trends. It involves making educated assumptions to predict future revenue, expenses, and other financial aspects of a business.


Projections play a crucial role in financial planning, allowing organizations to set goals, allocate resources, and make informed decisions. They are used in budgeting, business planning, and investment analysis, offering a roadmap for what a company’s financial future may look like.


While projection and forecast are often used synonymously, it’s important to recognize their significance in financial management. These tools aid in strategic planning, risk assessment, and performance evaluation, helping businesses and individuals navigate an uncertain financial landscape.


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