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The Rise of BOME : Supernova Memecoin



  • BOME surged rapidly, breaking records by getting listed on Binance in just three days, attracting significant investor attention.
  • Launched during a memecoin craze and backed by Solana's booming ecosystem, BOME leveraged these advantages to rise.
  • Creator Darkfarms' influence and strategic fundraising actions ignited community FOMO, driving BOME's rapid success.


BOME, a meme coin launched on Solana, skyrocketed to prominence and what its future holds. Learn about its quick Binance listing, creator Darkfarms, and its community-driven success.






Memecoins have recently become one of the hottest topics aside from Bitcoin. As Bitcoin continues to reach new all-time highs, memecoins are also experiencing a surge, with several memecoins successfully making it into the top 100 cryptocurrencies. BOME is a standout example, increasing 20-fold within just three hours of its launch, with a market cap exceeding $80 million. Three days after its debut, BOME‘s market cap surpassed $1.1 billion, peaking at nearly $1.5 billion.


BOOK OF MEME was launched by Pepe Meme artist Darkfarm on March 14th, featuring a pepe holding a meme book and serving as a permanent storage album for memes. BOME is the native token used on BOOK OF MEME, a memecoin on the Solana blockchain. According to Darkfarm, BOOK OF MEME captures the current meme meta (data), including most on-chain memecoins, with data stored on Arweave, IPFS, and inscriptions. It can even serve as a cross-chain storage social platform, but its primary function is as an ever-updating book of new memes and styles. Essentially, BOOK OF MEME is a permanent meme storage gallery set to expand with a range of meme creation features. It can also function as a decentralized social network, an all-encompassing NFT, and a mini GIF on the Solscan browser.


  • Who is Darkfarms?


Darkfarms is an artist focused on creating Pepe Meme artworks, best known for the Pepe-themed NFT series SMOWL. In the crypto art community, he wields significant influence, having raised over 10,000 SOL in donations within 24 hours and channeling all the funds into the pool, an act that earned high praise from the community. Various factors propelled this initiative, leading to a surge in BOME, garnering immense attention and support for his works and projects in the market.



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  1. BOME’s Quick Listing on a Top CEX Trading Platform

How long does it take for a memecoin to be listed on a top CEX trading platform? SHIB took several years, BONK took six months, PEPE took two months, and WIF took one month. BOME broke this record by getting listed on Binance in just three days. This quick listing attracted a lot of investor attention, making it one of the main reasons for BOME’s rapid rise.



  1. Meme Coin Craze and Solana Ecosystem

BOME was launched during a memecoin craze, with multiple memecoins skyrocketing and generating significant profits for investors. Against this backdrop, users were actively seeking the next breakout point. Additionally, the Solana ecosystem was booming, with several Solana memecoins showing impressive growth, even approaching the performance of Ethereum-based memecoins. BOME, being launched on the Solana blockchain, was able to leverage these advantages to the fullest.



  1. Influence of Creator Darkfarms

BOME’s creator, Darkfarms, is an artist specializing in Pepe Meme artwork. He is renowned for his continuous creation of Pepe Meme images and NFT series. His involvement added significant value to the BOME project, attracting more investor attention.



  1. Fundraising Actions Sparking Community FOMO

Finally, Darkfarms put all 10,131 SOL raised into the LP pool, showing great sincerity and further igniting the community’s FOMO (fear of missing out) sentiment. This move also became a crucial driving force behind BOME’s rapid rise.




For the future direction of BOME, we must pose a deeper question: “What is the intrinsic core spirit of BOME as a memecoin?” This is a crucial question for the long-term development of any memecoin.


While BOME has experienced a smooth upward trajectory so far, to surpass PEPE, SHIB, and even Dogecoin, it will need to go through several phases, which may include deeper corrections and prolonged consolidation periods. 


To achieve a more enduring community consensus and understand what kind of core spirit will support its journey, BOME must provide its own answer to this essential question.


※Note: Memecoins are highly volatile; please be aware of the risks involved


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  • What is BOME?

BOOK OF MEME was launched by Pepe Meme artist Darkfarm on March 14th as a permanent storage album for memes. BOME is the native token used on BOOK OF MEME and is a memecoin on the Solana blockchain.



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