Who Let the Dogs Out! 3 Top Performing Dog-themed Memecoins

Dog-themed memecoins


  1. PolyDoge: Leveraging Polygon's low transaction costs and scalability, PolyDoge has seen a 162.4% price spike recently, supported by a strong community.
  2. Samoyedcoin: Based on Solana, Samoyedcoin boasts fast and affordable transactions with a recent 20.9% price growth, driven by active social media engagement.
  3. Resistance Dog: Built on Telegram's TON blockchain, Resistance Dog stands out with its robust infrastructure and significant market cap, positioning it for mass adoption.


Not DOGE, not WIF, but three other top-performing dog-themed memecoins. Learn about their unique features, community impact, and market performance.




Dog-themed memecoins have taken the cryptocurrency world by storm, thanks to their playful origins and the enthusiastic communities they have built. Beginning with Dogecoin, which started as a lighthearted joke, these coins have evolved into significant market players.


This trend has inspired numerous other dog-themed cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu, Bonk, Dogwifhat, and Floki, each capturing investor interest with their fun, friendly nature and potential for high returns.


Let’s check out at which other dog-themed memecoins are performing well.


Dog-themed memecoins






Inspired by Dogecoin, PolyDoge launched in April 2021 on the Polygon blockchain. Leveraging Polygon’s scalability and low transaction costs, PolyDoge has become popular within the Polygon ecosystem.


The strong community, known as the PolyDoge Army, is active on social media platforms like X, Telegram, and Discord, playing a crucial role in spreading awareness and fostering camaraderie among holders. With a liquidity pool of $200,000 and a market cap of $13.2 million, PolyDoge recently saw a 162.4% price spike over the past 14 days. Its standout feature is incredibly low transaction fees, making it ideal for everyday transactions and microtransactions, setting it apart from memecoins on more expensive blockchains like Ethereum.







One of the top-performing memecoins on Solana is Samoyedcoin, launched in April 2021 and inspired by the friendly Samoyed dog breed. Samoyedcoin aims to be more than just a memecoin; it seeks to build a community-driven project.


With a 24-hour trading volume exceeding $5 million and a 20.9% price growth in the past 7 days, Samoyedcoin’s liquidity pool stands at over $500,000, with an FDV of over $68 million and a market cap of $50 million. Its Solana-based architecture ensures fast and affordable transactions, making it a competitive alternative to more expensive blockchains like Ethereum. The active Samoyedcoin Army on social media is key to spreading awareness and fostering a sense of community. Additionally, Samoyedcoin benefits from Solana’s integration with DeFi platforms and NFT marketplaces.







Finally, Resistance Dog is one of the top-performing memecoins on the TON blockchain. Built on Telegram’s robust and scalable infrastructure, it stands out as a serious contender in the crypto market. Trading at approximately 7 cents per token, Resistance Dog boasts a market cap and FDV of around $54.7 million, with a liquidity pool of $2.4 million ensuring smooth trading activities. The TON blockchain’s quick and seamless transactions make it ideal for cryptocurrencies aiming for mass adoption, positioning Resistance Dog as a potential major player in the upcoming bull run.





Dog-themed memecoins blend humor, community, and speculative thrills, offering a unique entry point into the crypto market. From Dogecoin’s creation to the rise of PolyDoge, Samoyedcoin, and Resistance Dog, the evolution of these coins showcases the power of creativity and online trends.


While they offer enticing opportunities, it’s important to recognize the inherent risks, such as volatility and potential speculative bubbles. For beginners, exploring memecoins can be a fun way to enter the crypto world, but remember, it’s always crucial to approach with both enthusiasm and caution!



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