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Top 7 Practical Use Cases for GPT-4o With Prompts Included!

GPT-4o Use Cases


  1. GPT-4o excels in role-specific content creation, research assistance, and complex data summarization.
  2. The AI offers powerful SEO optimization capabilities, including long-tail keyword generation and website analysis.
  3. DALL·E 3 integration enables on-demand creation of custom visuals, vector graphics, and image editing.


Use OpenAI’s GPT-4o to enhance your writing skills and manage online business efficiently, discover how this advanced tool can revolutionize your workflow.


Just a couple of weeks ago, OpenAI officially released their most advanced language model, GPT-4o, marking a new era of human-computer interaction. ChatGPT now offers enhanced functionalities like assisting with writing, replacing graphic design, and even real-time translation. CoinRank previously published an article detailing all the functions of GPT-4o, go check it out if you haven’t!


Since we’ve covered the basics already, let’s see what practical use cases you can use GPT-4o for (we’ll even throw in some prompts!) and explore how this powerful tool can enhance content creation efficiency, manage online businesses and so much more. Read until the end for a practical guide on using ChatGPT to boost your productivity by 10 times!


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Regular ChatGPT users often notice that its responses can sound a bit too “AI-like,” which limits their usefulness. This usually happens when ChatGPT isn’t given a specific role to play. For instance, if you ask it to “Write an Instagram post about relieving insomnia,” you’ll likely get some pretty generic content.


Try this instead: “You are a nutritionist. Write an Instagram post about relieving insomnia in an easy-to-understand tone.” You’ll probably find the result much more in line with what you’re after. In fact, OpenAI’s own prompt guide recommends assigning ChatGPT a role to help it tackle problems in a more realistic way.




Content creators often find themselves drowning in data. That’s where GPT-4o comes in handy. Need to digest a lengthy article or even an entire book? Just feed it into ChatGPT, and watch it work its magic. The latest model can handle massive amounts of text – we’re talking up to 128K characters at once. Simply paste the text, drop in a document, or share a web link, and ChatGPT will serve up a neat summary with key points highlighted.


You can also ask ChatGPT to break it down with analogies. It’s great at simplifying complex ideas – so much so that even a 5-year-old could understand them. Here’s an example: “Explain how blockchains work to me like I’m a 5-year-old.”


And if you’re working on educational content, ChatGPT can even suggest illustrations to bring those explanations to life. It’s like having a knowledgeable buddy who’s always ready to help you make sense of things.




Drowning in numbers for your online business? Don’t sweat it. ChatGPT can whip up line charts, pie charts, bar graphs… you name it. Now you can toss in files straight from Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, and ChatGPT will crunch those numbers in real-time.


Say you’re tackling a complex dataset on global climate change trends. Not only can ChatGPT answer your questions about it, but it’ll also create eye-catching charts to bring those insights to life.


Whether you’re prepping for a big presentation or just trying to make sense of your business metrics, GPT-4o is ready to transform those mind-numbing numbers into clear, visual stories.




ChatGPT is now your secret weapon for SEO. Feed it your website, type: “Tell me how to boost the SEO for [website link],” and it’ll give you a step-by-step plan to climb those search rankings. Need eye-catching titles that people actually click on? ChatGPT’s got you covered.


It even uncovers those golden long-tail keywords your competitors might miss. For businesses looking to boost their online presence without breaking the bank, this is like having a full-time SEO expert on staff. Say goodbye to hours of keyword research and hello to more efficient, effective content creation.




This feature is a game-changer for anyone who needs quick, custom visuals. Thanks to its built-in drawing tool, DALL·E 3, ChatGPT can transform your ideas into images in seconds. Want to see a cat striking a yoga pose? Or maybe you need to tweak an existing image by swapping out some elements? Click on the paint brush icon and cover the area you want removed, enter your description in the chatbox, and watch as DALL·E 3 brings your vision to life.




DALL·E 3 is also handy for creating professional designs, especially vector graphics and icons for presentations. Imagine you’re putting together a marketing plan for a client and need a cohesive set of visuals, simply describe the elements, style, and colors you’re looking for, and it will create images that match your needs.


It’s much faster than searching through image libraries or spending hours on design software. With DALL·E 3, you can quickly get custom graphics that look professional and match your presentation style. It’s a great way to make your work stand out without needing advanced design skills.




Ever scrolled through social media and stumbled upon a breathtaking photo that makes you want to pack your bags immediately? But there’s just one problem, you have no idea where it is. That’s where ChatGPT on your phone becomes your personal travel detective. Just send the image over and ask “Where’s this?”


There’s more! ChatGPT isn’t just for faraway places. Spot an unusual flower on your daily walk? Snap a quick photo, send it to GPT-4o, and you’ve got your own pocket botanist. It can help identify all sorts of objects from your photos, turning your everyday curiosity into a learning adventure.


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