Must Read!!! Is This Just an Oversold Rebound in a Bear Market for Cryptos?

Must Read!!! Is This Just an Oversold Rebound in a Bear Market for Cryptos?


  1. Bitcoin's bull market continues despite liquidity issues and downturns, with stable recent data focusing on the Federal Reserve's actions.
  2. The SEC's unexpected Ethereum ETF announcement revitalized the stagnant market, influencing investor optimism.
  3. Long-term investors remain confident, seeing Bitcoin's potential post-halving, aiming for it to surpass $100,000.


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Bitcoin’s bull market end is debated, but optimism persists. SEC’s Ethereum ETF news, market data, and investor sentiment analyzed. Exchange reserves hit six-year low.



Since Bitcoin dropped to $56,000, there’s been a buzz about the bull market ending and a bear market beginning. But if you’ve been following my articles, you know I’ve stayed optimistic through it all.


1. Bull Market Status:


    • “The bull market has never ended and is unlikely to end in the short term.”
    • Despite several downturns, Bitcoin hasn’t taken a significant hit. The last drop was mainly due to liquidity issues.
    • Lately, the data has been pretty stable, so I’ve been focusing more on the Federal Reserve’s decisions.



2. SEC and Ethereum ETF:

    • The SEC’s announcement about the Ethereum ETF has breathed new life into what was a stagnant market. Nobody saw this coming!



3. Current Market Data:


    • Even with Bitcoin’s price climbing back to nearly $72,000, long-term investors are keeping their cool.
    • This shows that the real game isn’t about Bitcoin’s short-term price movements but about what the Federal Reserve will do next.



4. Investor Sentiment:


    • Those still in the market either bought their Bitcoin dirt cheap or have unshakable faith in it.
    • There’s a strong belief that post-halving, Bitcoin will perform spectacularly. So, whether the price dips to $56,000 or spikes to $72,000, nobody’s letting go of their Bitcoin.
    • The end goal? Bitcoin soaring past $100,000.



5. Exchange Reserves:


    • Although there’s been a slight uptick in exchange reserves over the last couple of days, on May 20, we saw the lowest reserve levels in six years.



Key Thought


Everyone’s holding onto their Bitcoin tightly, so significant price drops are off the table.


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