Crypto Bull Market 2024: What It is and When to Buy

Crypto Bull Market


  • Economic Optimism Drives Growth: A crypto bull market signals rising asset prices, buoyed by strong economic conditions and growing investor confidence.
  • Investor Sentiment Initiates Bull Runs: The onset of a crypto bull market is marked by investor optimism, leading to increased buying and higher prices.
  • Strategic Navigation Is Key: Recovery offers entry, belief fuels accumulation, optimism leads to consolidation, and euphoria signals profit-taking.


Anticipating a crypto bull market in 2024? Discover key signs, navigate through the four crucial phases, and master insider tips to optimally time your investments for maximum gains.




A bull market means the economy is doing well, with prices of assets, like stocks and cryptocurrencies, going up—signaling the onset of a crypto bull market. This positive trend is driven by a strong economy, robust employment levels, and investor optimism about the market’s upward trajectory. 


Crypto bull runs—periods marked by a rapid 40% increase in prices over one or two days—are more pronounced, illustrating the dynamic nature of crypto bull markets due to their smaller size and higher volatility compared to traditional markets. 


When investors feel “bullish,” they’re optimistic about continued price increases. During a bullish phase in crypto, digital currencies surge in value amidst favorable economic conditions, with investors keen on capitalizing on their expanding crypto portfolios. 


Bull markets are sparked by investors buying securities or using cash, pushing prices higher as demand surpasses supply. This upward momentum persists until the market eventually shifts into a bear market, where prices begin to drop.



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What causes a crypto bull market?


What triggers a crypto bull market? Just like in traditional markets, it starts with investors. When they believe prices will rise and keep rising, they begin purchasing stocks at low prices, hoping for a good return on investment (ROI). This optimism fuels further price increases.


A strong economy, indicated by robust gross domestic product (GDP) growth and low unemployment, also contributes to bull markets by boosting investor confidence. Cryptocurrency markets, though newer and distinct from traditional ones, respond to these broad economic indicators as well.




In this section, we’ll use Wall Street Cheat Sheet’s Psychology of the Market Cycle to analyze the market. Based on our analysis, there are four phases in a crypto bull market, and currently, we are in the second phase given the market conditions.


Phase One: Hope and Recovery


Phase one has already ended, marking the market’s lowest point and a tough time to invest. Looking back, it was the best time to buy. This phase signifies the end of the bear market and the start of a slow recovery. We’re seeing some positive signs, but we’re still recovering from the bear market’s negative impact. Significant changes haven’t occurred yet, but these small improvements indicate progress. Many doubted the return of crypto, but those who believed in its future and invested during this phase are well-positioned for the upcoming crypto bull market.


Additional trading tips:


  • Identify Quality Projects: Seek projects with potential for the upcoming bull market, characterized by strong product/market fit, competitive advantage, active teams, clear roadmaps, and financial health.
  • Conserve Funds: Many investors aim to buy dips from the previous bull market, where prices are 90% lower than their peaks. However, most top performers in the next cycle are not yet listed. It’s often better to invest early in new projects than to focus on past ones.
  • Regulate Trading Frequency: Despite a dull market, resist trading out of boredom. Prioritize survival in the crypto market, then profit. Wait for favorable opportunities instead of making random trades.
  • Monitor Liquidity: Keep an eye on centralized exchange (CEX) fund inflows, stablecoin minting and overall cryptocurrency market cap. Changes in these factors indicate shifts in market liquidity. More liquidity suggests improving market conditions.


Market Psychology Phase one


Phase Two: Belief and Accumulation


We are currently in phase two, where smart money and early believers re-enter the market. This phase is characterized by recovery and a growing belief in a new cycle, as demonstrated by notable price movements: $BTC surging to $73k, $ETH jumping to $4k, and $SOL massively pumping to $200. On-chain indicators and technical analysis charts further support the start of a major cycle. While it’s not as ideal a time to enter as phase one, it’s still an opportune moment to take risks and deploy capital. This is the phase to actively farm airdrops, stake coins, and aggressively build your portfolio in preparation for the upcoming parabolic price movements.


Additional trading tips:


  • Cut Losses, Boost Winners: Act swiftly to cut losses and increase holdings in profitable coins. A 5x return doesn’t rule out a 10x return, but it’s crucial to monitor market indicators and sentiment. Timely reduction of losing investments is key.
  • Secure Profits: It’s impossible to sell at the peak. Establish and stick to a profit-taking strategy.
  • Manage Altcoin Positions: Avoid using significant personal funds to invest heavily in altcoins. While it’s okay to invest in altcoins and meme coins, avoid going all-in or using high leverage.
  • Invest Wisely: Coins with rapid price spikes often have average fundamentals. Remember, prices rise with market enthusiasm. Focus on areas with market consensus for potential price increases.
  • Beware of Ponzi Schemes: Be cautious of Ponzi-like projects in bull markets. While you can profit from them, ensure you exit before a downturn. Alternatively, avoid them altogether.
  • Diverse Insights: Broaden your scope beyond institutional insights; engage with retail investors on platforms like Reddit and YouTube for unique, complementary market perspectives.


Market Psychology Phase two


Phase Three: Optimism and Consolidation


Phase three begins once we hit new highs. It’s a time to shift your mindset, as the risk-reward ratio for investing is lower than in earlier phases. While there are still chances for new token launches and airdrops, it’s also time to start consolidating. You should be mostly done buying, and any new cash should be used carefully. It’s wise to start taking profits on positions with big gains.

During this phase, people who didn’t own any coins before join the market, and things get wild. The value of your holdings keeps hitting new highs, and there’s news every day. Tokens with shaky fundamentals reach very high prices. Everyone starts to believe that the market will keep going up forever, adding to the excitement of phase three.


Additional trading tips:


  • Shift Your Mindset for Risk Management: Adjust risk management to reflect the lower risk-reward ratio at new market highs. Tighten stop-loss orders and consider a conservative portfolio approach.
  • Take Profits Strategically: Begin securing profits on assets with significant gains to mitigate exposure during market corrections. Focus on balance rather than exiting all positions.
  • Use New Cash Carefully: Approach new investments with caution, prioritizing opportunities with a solid risk-reward balance. Opt for undervalued sectors or assets less influenced by speculation.
  • Be Wary of New Entrants and High Volatility: Increased participation and volatility may lead to price instability. Exercise caution with assets that have experienced unjustified rapid growth.


Market Psychology Phase three


Phase Four: Euphoria and Exit


Phase four is the riskiest time to put new money into the market, but strangely, it’s when most people decide to buy. This is your chance to sell and protect your profits. Look out for signs of too much excitement in the market, like the Coinbase app being the top download or a lot of news coverage. Start unstaking your coins, exit any leverage positions, and mostly turn your investments into cash. The aim is to sell before the expected bear market starts, to make sure you keep your financial freedom.


Market Psychology Phase four




While past performance is not a reliable indicator of future outcomes, several factors suggest we are already on the rise toward the peak of the next crypto bull run.


As U.S. inflation begins to decelerate, there’s mounting speculation about the Federal Reserve potentially cutting interest rates to bolster economic growth. This prospect, hinted at by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, is stirring interest in riskier investments like stocks and cryptocurrencies, suggesting a potential crypto bull run in 2024 as investors rush to get ahead of the trend.


At the same time, the crypto market is attracting attention from traditional finance (TradFi) and institutional investors, previously skeptical but now encouraged by the approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This shift promises to inject significant capital into cryptocurrencies, possibly fueling a prolonged crypto bull market.


Looking back, the market’s evolution—from the initial coin offering (ICO) boom in 2017 to the decentralized finance (DeFi) surge in 2020 and the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) popularity in 2021—illustrates a pattern of growth and innovation. These cycles, combined with the anticipation surrounding the Bitcoin halving and institutional investment, suggest the stage is set for another major crypto bull run, merging historical momentum with fresh institutional interest.


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  • What is a crypto bull market?

A crypto bull market is a period when cryptocurrency prices consistently rise, driven by strong economic conditions and investor optimism.


  • What are the phases of a crypto bull market?

The phases of a crypto bull market are Disbelief and Recovery, Belief and Accumulation, Optimism and Consolidation, and Euphoria and Exit.


  • Are we in a crypto bull market now?

Currently, we are in the second phase, Belief and Accumulation, of a crypto bull market, with growing confidence in a new cycle.


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