Notcoin Launches Explore Platform to Boost Web3 Project Growth

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  • Notcoin Explore aims to support Web3 projects with user engagement and rewards
  • Platform has facilitated over 200 projects, engaging 22.5 million users


Notcoin introduces Explore platform to foster Web3 projects through social media engagement, despite facing market value decline due to increased competition in the tap-to-earn sector.


Notcoin, a prominent player in the Web3 space, has announced the launch of its Notcoin Explore platform, designed to nurture Web3 projects through enhanced social media engagement. This innovative platform aims to streamline the startup process for emerging projects while offering users opportunities to discover, support, and earn rewards for their participation.



According to Notcoin’s official statement, the Explore platform has already demonstrated significant traction, facilitating the launch of over 200 projects and engaging a total of 22.5 million users. The platform’s focus on community-driven growth creates a symbiotic environment where both projects and users can thrive.


Users of Notcoin Explore can discover new projects, provide support, and receive rewards for their engagement. This approach not only helps projects quickly build an active user base but also incentivizes user participation in the Web3 ecosystem.


Despite these positive developments, Notcoin has faced challenges in the broader market. The company’s market value has experienced a sharp decline of over 38% in the past week, with its token now trading at $0.0945. This downturn is largely attributed to increased competition within the tap-to-earn crypto project sector.


The tap-to-earn market has seen an influx of new competitors, including Hamster Kombat, Tapswap, Blum, and Dotcoin. These new entrants have captured significant user attention, intensifying competition in the space.


Notably, Hamster Kombat, a key rival in the tap-to-earn category, has reported remarkable success. Telegram founder Durov highlighted the game’s rapid growth, attracting over 200 million players since its launch in March 2024. Hamster Kombat achieved the milestone of 100 million monthly users in just 73 days, showcasing its explosive popularity within the Telegram mini app ecosystem, which sees 4-5 million new users daily.


As the Web3 and tap-to-earn sectors continue to evolve, Notcoin’s launch of the Explore platform represents a strategic move to maintain its position and foster innovation in the space. However, the company faces the challenge of navigating an increasingly competitive landscape while striving to regain market value.


The success of Notcoin Explore and the company’s ability to differentiate itself in the crowded tap-to-earn market will likely play crucial roles in determining its future trajectory in the dynamic Web3 ecosystem.


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