Finance Dictionary : Bad Debts

Bad Debts


Uncover the concept of bad debts – sums unlikely to be repaid soon. Learn how businesses manage this financial risk for accurate reporting and fiscal stability.



Bad debts refer to monetary amounts that are improbable to be repaid in the foreseeable future.


In accounting, this term is commonly used to describe outstanding debts that have become uncollectible or pose a significant risk of non-payment. Such debts may arise due to various reasons, including financial distress of the debtor, insolvency, or protracted non-payment.


Recognizing bad debts is essential for accurate financial reporting, as it allows businesses to reflect a more realistic portrayal of their financial health. This recognition often involves adjusting financial statements to account for the anticipated losses associated with unrecoverable debts.


Managing bad debts is a crucial aspect of financial risk assessment and plays a vital role in devising strategies to minimize financial exposure and maintain the fiscal well-being of a business.


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