Ben the Dog (BENDOG), the New Woof-Woof on the Block

Ben the Dog


  • BENDOG captured attention with a remarkable market cap growth from $5 million to $80 million in just two weeks, highlighting its strong comeback during the second Solana memecoin craze.
  • The Benhalla game verse enriches BENDOG's utility, featuring games like Hopping Ben and rewards such as staking benefits and exclusive leaderboards for token holders.
  • Supported by influential figures like Bybit CEO and having a robust community, BENDOG differentiates itself in the crowded memecoin space.


BENDOG: the Solana memecoin with a unique origin story, global recognition, and a growing game ecosystem. Learn about its impressive market performance and future plans.


Although we’re only halfway through the year, Solana memecoins have already experienced two bull runs. During these market cycles, many tokens skyrocketed quickly, but had a lifespan of less than a week or even a day. Only a few memecoins with solid meme quality, strong communities, and clear development goals managed to have sustainable growth.


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BENDOG is one such token. During the first Solana memecoin craze, it reached a market cap peak of $50 million in just two weeks. It then underwent a correction as the overall market enthusiasm waned. However, when the second wave of Solana memecoin craze arrived, BENDOG wasn’t forgotten. In another two-week period, it surged from a $5 million market cap to $80 million. This powerful recovery caught the attention of hundreds of crypto influencers, and even Bybit CEO @benbybit discussed BENDOG on his personal X (formerly Twitter) account.



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The Touching Story of BENDOG & Solana


BENDOG isn’t just another Solana memecoin. It’s based on “Talking Ben the Dog,” a globally popular mobile game with over 100 million downloads on Google Play alone. In the game, players interact with Ben, feeding him, chatting, and doing lab experiments.


Talking Ben the Dog and Talking Tom Cat are sister apps, both developed by Outfit7. Interestingly, Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko was a fan. In 2017, when doubting whether to launch Solana, Yakovenko sought advice from Ben in the game. Ben’s simple “Yeahppp” encouraged Anatoly to pursue Solana, now a major crypto network.


BENDOG’s strength lies in two factors:


Global recognition: Like Pepe, Ben means different things to different people – a cute companion, a confidant, or a lab prankster. This versatility attracts a wide audience, crucial for meme tokens in the crypto world.


Solana connection: Ben is part of Solana’s origin story. This link to Solana’s creation is more compelling than other founder’s pet tokens like $HEMULE (Vitalik’s cat) or $BEAR (AVAX co-founder’s dog).


Benhalla Game Verse


BENDOG has made waves in the crypto world as a memecoin, but it’s not content with just that. They aim to provide more utility for the token through the Benhalla game verse, offering richer experiences for holders and helping BENDOG continuously expand its influence. This creates a more distinctive competitive advantage compared to other memecoins.


The Benhalla game ecosystem includes:


Hopping Ben: A game (already available on the App Store and Google Play) where you aim and slide to guide Ben through obstacles to the finish line. Ben makes catchy and cute “Yes” sounds along the way.


Ben the Dog


Staking: A rewards system for BENDOG holders. Users can stake to access exclusive leaderboards, daily game boosts, doubled in-game earnings, and special tournaments with token prizes.


Ben the Dog


Social-Fi Platform: A unique social task platform where users can complete social media tasks to farm points and BENDOG tokens.


Ben the Dog


To make the game verse bigger, BENDOG has plans to collaborate with more developers in the future to create additional exciting Play-to-Earn games.


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Although Ben the Dog has been around for less than six months since its launch, it has already achieved a peak daily trading volume of $500 million (including both spot and futures). It has been featured on one of crypto’s most influential Twitter Spaces – Mario Nawfal’s Roundtable – attracting nearly 200,000 listeners. BENDOG has also collaborated with Solana Mobile for official events, released its first mobile game for its ecosystem, and consistently produces high-quality original meme content on Twitter. Its strong market performance is the natural result of the team’s persistent efforts and dedication.


By prioritizing the community and continually exploring future possibilities, CoinRank believes Ben the Dog is likely to keep evolving. A dog has long been a man’s best friend, let’s see if the bond can become even stronger.



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