TON Mini-Games and Airdrop Updates Part 2

TON Airdrop


  • TONSquare leverages EVM Layer 2 with TOS token airdrops to node operators, enhancing network participation.
  • TapSwap, despite mixed reviews, engages millions with a tap-to-earn format and aims for token distribution via major exchanges.
  • Blum integrates trading within a gaming format and secures a spot in Binance's MVB program, promising easy crypto access for all ages.


A look at the latest TON airdrops, including TONSquare, TapSwap, and Blum, enhancing the TON ecosystem with innovative token opportunities.


Web3 mass adoption has always been a key market focus. For example, Solana aims to go mainstream through social memes via blinks, while TON seeks to break out through Telegram mini-games (check out our previous article on mini-game airdrops) and other features. Currently, TON’s public chain has entered the top 10 by market cap, and Telegram has over 900 million users, fostering a thriving ecosystem of projects. Many TON ecosystem projects plan to use airdrops as a marketing strategy, providing numerous opportunities for community participants to farm tokens.


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TONSquare is an EVM Layer 2 chain on TON, similar to Neon for Solana, and Aurora (with a market cap of $200 million) for Near. The plan is to airdrop 75% of TOS tokens to holders of the TONSquare Key, with the project team estimating TOS’s market value to exceed $50 million.


TON Airdrop


The TONSquare Key is a specialized non-fungible token (NFT) that acts as a mandatory license for operating nodes within the TONSquare network. This NFT certifies a node’s eligibility to participate in network activities and collect rewards, with an estimated yield of about 350%. Future revenues for TONSquare Key holders include portions of the fees from the TONSquare cross-chain bridge and gas fees from the network. The TOS tokens generated can also be staked, with staking starting from the end of June 2024 and continuing for six months, offering an approximate yield of 300%.


TON Airdrop


The auction model for the TONSquare Keys resembles that of Gala nodes, with prices increasing over time. Currently, in its second phase (out of fifteen), it indicates an early stage of deployment. Holding more than three TONSquare Keys also enables collection of additional TONSquare NFTs on the testnet, which requires obtaining Gas on the EVM testnet beforehand. A notable risk is that the TONSquare Keys can be bought but not sold.


TON Airdrop




TON Airdrop


TapSwap is another popular tap-to-earn game on TON. Since the team introduced a feature that allows players to double their coin count by paying a small TON fee, the game has been met with skepticism from players.


Despite a drop in user confidence, the game has survived. TapSwap boasts over 6 million followers on platform X and more than 48 million active players on Telegram.


In a recent AMA with the TON Foundation, TapSwap explained that they modified the blockchain launch to better integrate with Telegram. Regarding the paid boost feature, the team explained that its purpose is to cover development costs while helping users increase their balance.


The TapSwap team has confirmed ongoing discussions with a major exchange and, unlike a recent failed airdrop, most of their tokens will be distributed to the community.





TON Airdrop


A tap-to-earn game that also markets itself as a cryptocurrency trading application. Launched in January, it aims to make crypto trading accessible to everyone.


In addition to earning Blum Points (BP) every 8 hours, players can increase their scores by playing a simple game within the Telegram mini-app. Notably, while Blum is not a cryptocurrency exchange, it provides access to all tokens on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.


Blum has entered the 7th season of the Binance Most Valuable Builder (MVB) accelerator program. Most MVB projects typically end up listed on the Binance exchange for free.


According to a Bloomberg article, Blum was conceived by Gleb Kostarev and Vladimir Smerkis, former Eastern Europe executives at Binance. Upon completion, Blum will allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies P2P with local currencies and offer a simplified user interface suitable for both young and older users.




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