Airdrop Alert! New $DOGS Memecoin on TON

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  • $DOGS introduces a unique memecoin inspired by Pavel Durov's dog, enhancing the TON-Telegram community spirit.
  • Simple participation via Telegram offers points based on user activity, with no complex registration required.
  • The viral success of $DOGS raises questions about Web3 innovation and user data sovereignty in TON projects.


$DOGS is a new memecoin on TON that exploded to 1M+ users in 24 hours. Explore its viral growth and implications for Web3 projects on Telegram.




Over the past couple of days, X and Telegram have been flooded with invitation links from a black and white dog Telegram Bot, with everyone showing off the points they’ve received from this dog. At this moment, this viral spread gives a surreal feeling, as if the market sentiment is bullish again.


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This black and white dog coin has a straightforward name: DOGS, inspired by TON founder Pavel Durov’s mascot Spotty. The official introduction claims that $DOGS is the memecoin that best embodies the Telegram spirit, reflecting the energy and culture of the vibrant community. They’re bringing Spotty’s legend into the crypto world, creating a fun, community-driven, and unique product.



So, it turns out to be a memecoin in the TON ecosystem, and it looks like it’s here to make waves. Some users have dug up that Pavel Durov seemingly had a pet dog before, resembling a black and white husky. While Pavel Durov’s X account has been inactive for two years, his previous posts show a clear fondness for black and white dog images.




At a time when the TON ecosystem lacks a representative meme, this virally spreading doggy seems to have the potential to become a cultural symbol rapidly spreading through Telegram.


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Participating in $DOGS is simple: just enter the corresponding Telegram channel, and points are available to all. Upon entering the DOGS bot channel, the bot evaluates your account based on your Telegram account registration time and activity level, distributing points according to your rank. Premium accounts also receive extra point rewards.


Importantly, $DOGS has launched the familiar invitation system, which explains why it’s dominated all social platforms in just half a day. According to CoinRank’s test, a 6-year-old Telegram account can receive around 4,000 points upon joining the channel.




The specific exchange ratio between points and tokens hasn’t been disclosed yet, and the project doesn’t seem to have an established X account. All details are still unknown. However, since you only need a Telegram account to collect points, there’s virtually no entry barrier. It seems $DOGS is well-prepared for mass adoption.


After all, who doesn’t want something free? No need to register a wallet or understand complex rules – just claim and you’re done. This “freebie” psychology will surely motivate most people to check it out.


Interested players can click here to see how many $DOGS they can claim.


As of July 11, the project’s viral spread effect is evident, with DOGS bot attracting over 2 million users. The project team has already posted celebratory images in the channel.







The explosive growth of DOGS highlights the immense potential of the TON-Telegram ecosystem. It’s a testament to the power of memecoins and the “founder’s pet” concept, which has attracted numerous retail investors betting on the “meme + TON” combination.


While TON and Telegram have always aimed for mass adoption, they’ve struggled with infrastructure limitations. $DOGS, however, seems to have cracked the code for viral growth, achieving in a day what many projects strive for over months.


This success raises important questions about the future of Web3 projects on TON. Currently, most are following traditional Web2 monetization strategies, primarily through advertising. But is this approach truly innovative or aligned with Web3 principles?


The challenge now lies in creating genuine Web3 products that protect user privacy and data sovereignty while leveraging the massive traffic potential of Telegram. This isn’t just a consideration for $DOGS, but for the entire TON ecosystem.


As we celebrate this breakthrough, it’s crucial to remain cautious. The rapid spread of such projects often attracts phishing attempts and scams. While exploring these new opportunities, always prioritize your security.


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