2024 U.S. Presidential Election Series

US Election



With less than six months remaining until the U.S. presidential election, candidates from both parties have begun engaging in fierce debates on various issues.


Among these topics, economic policy stands out as a crucial indicator that many are closely watching. For voters who have long been interested in or invested in digital assets, the future president’s stance and strategy regarding these assets will significantly impact their trajectory.


Starting in June, CoinRank will launch a series of special reports on the U.S. presidential election, providing readers with insights into the attitudes and latest policy outlooks of both the Republican and Democratic parties towards the crypto market. More importantly, these reports will explore how these changes may affect the crypto market and investors’ strategies.


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#1. Kraken Co-Founder Donates $1M to Trump, Citing Pro-Crypto Stance


#2. Coinbase Adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms Joins Biden’s 2024 Campaign Team





#1. Crypto Takes Center Stage in Biden-Trump Presidential Debate


#2. Crypto Market and U.S. Presidential Election 2024: What You Should Know Before Tonight’s Debate





#1. Biden’s Odds of Dropping Out Rise to 46% on Polymarket After Debate


#2. Galaxy’s Novogratz Predicts Favorable Crypto Regulation Regardless of 2024 Election Outcome


#3. Polymarket’s Presidential Pool Hits $200M: Trump Leads at 63%, Biden at 18%



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