Best Crypto Trading App: Top 3 Safest and Reliable

Best Crypto Trading App


  1. Binance: supports over 400 cryptocurrencies, offers low transaction fees, and provides a user-friendly interface with extensive technical indicators.
  2. Coinbase: is highly secure and compliant with regulatory standards, making it perfect for beginners with its educational content and straightforward trading interface.
  3. Bybit: excels in copy trading with over 8,000 traders, and offers solid spot and contract trading experiences, although its app has fewer technical tools than Binance.


A comprehensive checklist for choosing the best crypto trading app, detailing essential features and top picks like Binance, Coinbase, and Bybit for informed decisions.




When engaging in crypto apps, people often worry about security issues. Since this is a relatively new field and lacks the test of time, choosing the best crypto trading app, or even using only the largest exchanges, is usually a safer choice.


Different crypto apps vary in their operation methods and main features. When selecting the best crypto trading app to use, you should give the following aspects some consideration:


  1. Information Collection Capability: Can the app provide comprehensive and real-time market information and trading data?


  1. User Interface Convenience: Is the user interface friendly and convenient? Does it support multiple languages?


  1. Price Chart Readability: Are the price charts clear and easy to read? Does the app offer various technical analysis tools to help analyze the market?


  1. Ease of Order Placement: Is placing orders simple and intuitive? Does it support various order types such as market orders and limit orders?


  1. Stability of the Trading System: Is the trading system stable, free from lag or delays? Can it run smoothly during periods of high trading volume?


  1. Currency Pair Availability: Does the app offer a sufficient number of currency pairs for trading?


  1. Security Measures: Does the app have comprehensive security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA), cold wallet storage, and an insurance fund to protect users’ funds?


  1. Customer Support: Does the app provide customer support? Are there multiple contact channels, and can they resolve user issues promptly?


  1. Fees and Rates: Are the fees and rates reasonable and transparent? Are there any hidden fees? Does the app offer cashback or discount incentives for trading?


By referring to the checklist, you can identify the best crypto trading app that is both secure and suitable for your needs.


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best crypto trading app


Binance supports over 400 cryptocurrencies and it is the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume.


The user interface is easy to use, and the platform operates smoothly. The mobile app supports a wide range of technical indicators, the most of any platform CoinRank has used.


Binance offers various virtual currency activities, such as trading, financial management, and airdrop participation, which are great for professional players. For beginners, who might find the extensive features overwhelming, Binance has launched a lite version that simplifies many functions, making it more beginner-friendly.


Binance Lite

best crypto trading app

(source: Binance)


Offers a user-friendly interface to check prices and make purchases quickly. Despite fewer complex features, core functions remain easily accessible via the bottom navigation bar. Tap the yellow icon in the center to buy, sell, or convert crypto, or tap the wallet icon to view your balance, asset allocation, and portfolio value.


Binance Pro

best crypto trading app

(source: Binance)


Provides advanced trading options like futures, options, and margin trading for professional traders. It features a sophisticated interface with advanced charting tools and order types. Additionally, users can trade directly with others on Binance P2P.


Binance has also publicly disclosed its asset reserves, with endorsements from audit firms, and provides Merkle trees for users to verify their account assets. The composition of the asset reserves is relatively healthy, and the platform offers multiple user security settings. In CoinRank’s opinion, the robust security measures is why Binance is ranked as the best crypto trading app in the article.




best crypto trading app


Founded in 2012, Coinbase is one of the most established cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, placing a strong emphasis on transaction security. In 2017, it received the BitLicense from the New York State Department of Financial Services, a highly difficult license to obtain. This endorsement attests to Coinbase’s reliability in terms of transaction security and compliance. However, the fees on Coinbase might be higher compared to some other exchanges.


Coinbase aims to create a free platform where cryptocurrencies can be traded easily. It strives to make operations simple enough for anyone to use from anywhere, promoting a more active and widely adopted cryptocurrency market and achieving a breakthrough in the financial sector.


CoinRank ranked Coinbase as the second-best crypto trading app because it is particularly suitable for beginners. It offers extensive educational content and a simple trading interface, reducing complex candlestick charts and presenting cryptocurrency trends with clear numerical changes. The platform focuses on buying, selling, sending, and receiving cryptocurrencies, with fewer complex trading products.


best crypto trading app

(source: Coinbase)




best crypto trading app


If you enjoy copy trading, Bybit is unlikely to disappoint. The platform offers over 8,000 traders to choose from, with each trader’s ROI, profit levels, minimum drawdown, and investment return rates clearly listed on the copy trading homepage.


The copy trading interface is also user-friendly, making it very accessible for beginners.


Apart from copy trading, Bybit provides a great experience in both spot and contract trading. The platform supports over 500 cryptocurrencies for spot trading and over 300 for contracts. The order execution speed for both spot and contracts is excellent, with no issues in liquidity.


The order interface is also very user-friendly, with some thoughtful features such as price alerts and a very useful calculator in the mobile app. However, the mobile app offers fewer technical indicators and drawing tools compared to the Binance app. If you prefer using your phone for trading and rely heavily on technical indicators, Binance might be a better fit.


best crypto trading app


(source: Bybit)


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  • What should I consider when choosing a crypto trading app?

Consider user interface, security, fees, and trading options.


  • What features make Binance stand out?

Extensive cryptocurrency support, advanced trading tools, and a beginner-friendly Lite version.


  • Why is Coinbase ideal for beginners?

Simple interface, extensive educational content, and strong emphasis on security.


  • What is unique about Bybit?

Offers copy trading with a user-friendly interface and excellent liquidity for contract trading.




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