These 5 Ways Will Help You Make Money With Notcoin (NOT)

Make Money With NOT


  • Notcoin has transitioned from a social clicker game to a tradable asset on major exchanges like Binance and Bybit.
  • The token's unique origin and loyal community contribute to its potential for future growth and adoption.
  • Notcoin's partnership with Helika Gaming suggests upcoming developments in blockchain-based gaming on Telegram.


Explore 5 ways to make money with Notcoin, the viral Telegram-based token. Learn about trading, holding, staking, liquidity provision, and gaming opportunities.


The crypto world is buzzing as Notcoin listed on May 16, 2024. This digital asset attracted global investor attention before and during its listing. As the excitement around Notcoin continues to grow, it’s crucial to explore all the opportunities it offers. Let’s dive into NOT and learn how to maximize your earnings with this emerging token.


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Make Money With NOT


Notcoin was initially a social clicker game on Telegram created by Open Builders. It caught the attention of over 35 million enthusiasts. What was the main motivation to play? Each click on the coin would bring players more and more NOT tokens. In simple terms, anyone could mine tokens by clicking on their screen. Additionally, the game included a global leaderboard with different levels, squad gathering abilities, and many boosts or privileges. This brilliant idea showcased an alternative to expensive mining processes and ushered in a new era for the entire crypto industry.


Make Money With NOT

(source: Decrypt)


Notcoin recently launched on The Open Network (TON). It has become a memecoin, a tradable asset with a price set at approximately $0.007 per token as of May 17, 2024. While the mining phase has ended, it’s expected to return soon. For more details about its tokenomics and mining steps, check out this article CoinRank previously published.




NOT differs from other tokens in its ease of acquisition and the enthusiastic response from its loyal community. This token has helped many enthusiasts delve into the cryptocurrency realm, earning money quickly and easily. Notcoin allows beginners to start small, gain trading experience, and prepare for future achievements. Moreover, this token represents itself through a faucet game and pioneered a new way of receiving crypto via Telegram. Consequently, Notcoin has earned a reputation among millions of enthusiasts.




1. Trade Notcoin

The token has been added to top exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, OKX, CoinW and others. Though trading on DEXs or CEXs is a more standard approach, there are other platforms where you can maximize your earnings through various crypto and entertainment features. 


Make Money With NOT


2. Hold Notcoin

Holding Notcoin is an excellent opportunity for users to accumulate assets for future use. Holding Notcoin provides individuals with a safe and reliable way to accumulate wealth over time, as the token has tremendous potential for value growth, a strong team, tokenomics, and trustworthy partnerships.


3. Stake Notcoin

Cryptocurrency staking remains one of the most well-known passive income tools. Every NOT holder can receive attractive rewards and contribute to the token’s ecosystem.


Make Money With NOT

(source: Binance)


4. Provide Liquidity for Non-Trading Pools

With Notcoin listing on leading cryptocurrency exchanges, many trading pools have emerged. If you become a liquidity provider, you’ll receive a portion of the trading fees as rewards.


5. Use Notcoin to Play Games

Rooted in gaming and memes, Notcoin recently partnered with Helika Gaming for a $50M Telegram Gaming Accelerator, there’s a high possibility that we’ll see them develop new NOT-earning games.




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